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South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands: Marine Protected Area 5-Year Review Science Symposium

The sub-Antarctic South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands (SGSSI) are a UK Overseas Territory in the South Atlantic, approximately 1,400 km northeast of the Antarctic Peninsula. They are home to a globally important, diverse and distinct marine ecosystem, with …

Ensuring effective marine protection in the Turks and Caicos Islands

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The Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI) are a tropical Atlantic archipelago located 575 miles southeast of Miami, Florida, and 75 miles north of the Dominican Republic. There are approximately 100 named islands and cays, 9 of which are populated. TCI …

Voyage of Discovery: 9,000-mile expedition to Ascension Island and St Helena finally sets sail

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RRS Discovery

The RRS Discovery is embarking on an extensive marine survey of the South Atlantic, journeying to the British Overseas Territories of Ascension Island and St Helena. Follow the journey of the Discovery and find out more about its mission with this introductory blog.

What is the Blue Belt Programme?

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Blue ocean with sun shining through

The Blue Belt is the UK Government’s flagship international marine conservation Programme. Since 2016 it has worked closely with a number of UKOTs to assist them in creating and maintaining healthy and productive ecosystems. Find out more about the work of this Programme and UK Overseas Territories in protecting some of the most unique and biodiverse environments on the planet.

Get to know the UK Overseas Territories within the Blue Belt Programme

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Chinstrap Penguin, Antarctica

From the vast penguin colonies of South Georgia & the South Sandwich Islands to the coral reefs of the Pitcairn Islands, the UK Overseas Territories in total contain around 90% of the UK’s recorded biodiversity. Find out more about some of these incredible Territories and their role in protecting huge areas of ocean.